Sun. Dec 4th, 2022
Greedy Wolf Slots Crash the World with Millions of Wins

For those of you who are loyal players and watchers from the Pragmatic Play provider, of course, you have no doubts about all the game outputs, especially the Greedy Wolf online slot game. A game with millions of thrilling aspects and its advantages compared to other slot games. The theme and concept is attractive and also has a pleasing visual has become one of the reasons why this game has always been the game most often played by players, both professionals and beginners. Everyone is addicted to this fun game.

This game has a very unique concept. Although there are many out there that have a concept that is almost similar to the game released by the Pragmatic Play provider, this is the only game that has its own characteristics that make all pairs of old and new players’ eyes turn to this prestigious game. The concept of animal fairy tales issued is extraordinary because it is directly inspired by the story entitled The Tree Little Pigs.

Each game concept itself must have a purpose and positive value listed, right? So is this game. Through this game, the thing that can be learned is hard work because from the fairy tale itself, the pigs do a fairly difficult job and also require a lot of hard work. So hopefully this game can hone your skills.

Information Regarding Greedy Wolf Slots

If you don’t know it, you don’t love it, that’s a proverb that many people often say and it turns out to be useful in the game world itself. There are so many things you need to know before you start dropping your heart and wallet in this game. Not too difficult every information but certainly very detailed. It is enough to read and know it carefully so you can be sure that you understand everything by heart.

The game is a panel containing 5 reels with 4 rows containing many important symbols. The shape of the panel itself is the same as in other games, there is no visible difference but of course the content of each symbol is different. For this game itself the symbols consist of many other animals. Also packed with 20 paylines.

Another important information that many players ask, especially beginners, is the problem of the media. This game can be played on all digital media, either through your PC or mobile phone, respectively. In order to facilitate access to play, it must provide comfort for each player.

Don’t forget other important things about this prestigious game. Greedy Wolf itself has a satisfactory RTP value of 96.48% to increase to 96.51% according to the market. In this game, the level of volatility can be said to be standard, which is 3 to 5. Indeed, this game, which was released on August 4, 2022, really deserves to be the game of choice for top international players.

Knowing the Right Time to Play this Slot

The main goal of players playing online slots is of course to get big profits. Likewise with the players in this slot. You have to pay attention to the hours of play to get to the way of victory. Good timing will definitely give good results. In this game itself there are 2 times that can be your playing hours, namely:

  • 16.25 wib – 19.25 wib
  • 08.25 am – 11.25 am
  • 00.25 wib – 03.25 wib

So much information related to slot games that carry interesting fairy tale themes and of course have prizes that are no less surprising to all of you. What are you waiting for? Immediately test your luck through this Greedy Wolf slot game and get hundreds to millions of prizes.

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